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Dear Pianists

It is my boundless pleasure to announce sixth edition of Ambassador of Tarnw Maestro Krystian Tkaczewski and his Guests, International Piano Festival,  which will take place on July 28-August 10, 2024. The festival will be inaugurated at Concert Hall of Paderewski Music School on July 28 with performances of Krystian Tkaczewski and invited guests. It will be a unique opportunity for participants of first session to perform together with Tarnow Chamber Orchestra.

I session (July 28 - August 4 ):

Krystian Tkaczewski (Poland)

Masahi Katayama  (Japan)

Philippe Raskin (Belgium)

Yi-Yang Chen (Taiwan)

Liao Mingfei (Hong -Kong)

Yang Wu (Singapore)

II session (August 6-10):

Krystian Tkaczewski (Poland)
Masahi Katayama  (Japan)

Maria Murawska (Poland)

The final concert featuring performances of masterclass participants will conclude the festival in Concert Hall of Paderewski Music School on August 1,2,3,4, and 10. I would like to heartly thank Ms Jolanta Światłowska , director of Paderewski Music School in Tarnὀw for allowing me to organize masterclass, practicing and concerts in this wonderful facility. Moreover, I would like to thank to City Council of Tarnw for great help in organizing the festival.


The masterclass will take place in the building of Paderewski Music School in Tarnw. The event is organized by Urząd Miasta Tarnowa-Wydział Kultury, Connecticut Chopin Foundation and Paderewski Music School. I chose Tarnὀw, as a place of my name festival because of it is my hometown especially affiliated to my heart. I have been returning here since my graduation of Paderewski Music School. Here is also my family home.


I believe that bringing such unique event as international piano festival to Tarnὀw is a next step to show music lovers highest caliber piano “Olympic Games.”, which is bringing internationally acclaimed pianists and performers.


I decided to name this event as Ambassador of Maestro Krystian Tkaczewski and his guests to offer some part of myself as a milestone for the future. I would like to share my experience, which gained as a pianist, clinician and adjudicator. Having judged in over 30 International Piano Competition in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia with young competitors in Busko-Zdroj. It is also my gratitude for President of City of Tarnow Mr. Roman Ciepiela and City Council for awarding me the prestigious prize of Ambassador of Tarnow in 2015.


I would like to encourage all talented pianists to participate. The best pianists will be presented during International Festival “Lato z Chopinem” in Busko-Zdrj and will be recommended to our partners in USA, Russia, Japan, Germany and other countries.


I am also very proud about our experienced faculty from: Poland, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong-Kong,  USA, Japan,  Belgium . I wish good luck to each participant and would like to encourage you all to apply and attend.


Best wishes


Dr. Krystian Tkaczewski

Artistic Director, Founder and President




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